Online Video Poker for Real Money

Online Casino Co is in the process of launching our guide to video poker. Once completed you will be able to play online video poker games for free on our website or play video poker for real money at any of the casinos which we recommend for real betting. Play Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus and other popular video poker games on our website to practice your strategy skills.

Real Money Video Poker

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Play our free video poker games above or play real money video poker casino games at any of the online casinos listed below. The best video poker odds come when playing jacks or better video poker at any online casino. If you are going to play video poker on the internet then look for real money casinos with games developed by Realtime Gaming and Microgaming casino software companies. Microgaming offers online video poker games for UK, Canadian and Australian players. Realtime Gaming software offers the best online video poker casino games for USA players.

Video poker has shown fantastic growth in popularity both at land-based casinos and online casinos. The reason for this is that video poker is a strategy based game where a player who makes the right decisions about which cards to hold and which to discard can turn the odds in their favor. Let’s take a look at the game itself.

In a land-based casino, part of the appeal of video poker games is quickly visible to anyone entering the casino. Unlike blackjack or other table games, video poker doesn’t require a player to sit at a table and play against a dealer. Instead video poker machines are individual player machines that look a lot like slot machines. Now, this machine-based play means that even land-based casinos can offer video poker games for lower wagers than you’ll find at a table game. Which means the games are pulling in former slots players. And video poker uses poker hands, something that many players are already familiar with. Play is simple. The player places a bet and is dealt five cards. The player then chooses which of the five cards to hold and which to discard in hopes of making a winning poker hand. The discarded cards are redealt and the hand either wins or loses based on the pay table. The lowest winning hand varies by game but for most games, the Royal Flush is the jackpot hand.

Video Poker Variations

The most common video poker game is Jack or Better but there are a number of video poker variations available to players. But Jacks are Better is generally used as the foundation game for learning to play video poker. This is the game where most players learn how to play, what the winning hands are, how pay tables work and basic video poker strategy. That strategy can then be modified for the other video poker variations.

Now, when looking at variations on video poker, players will want to keep in mind that the odds for all games are not the same. Jacks or Better played with advanced strategy on a 9/6 pay table will has a return rate of 99.54%. Not bad from a player perspective. Bonus poker deluxe just beats that with a return rate of 99.64%. But Double Bonus Video Poker, Double Double Bonus, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker all have return rates of over 100%. These odds may sound impossible to most casino players, but remember, they are dependent on a player hitting a Royal Flush or other jackpot hand. Since the odds of hitting a Royal Flush are about one in 40,000, players don’t see that return percentage every time they sit down to play video poker. But there are plenty of smaller wins that can boost a player’s bankroll.

Now, online casinos offer players an advantage when it comes to video poker variations. An online casino can offer far more variations and more games than a land-based casino, so video poker players can expect to find their favorite game at almost any online casino. They’ll also find multi-hand versions of the game that let players bet anywhere from two to 100 hands at the same time. While playing multi-hand game doesn’t change the odds at all, playing one can mean hitting that 1/40,000 Royal Flush faster.

Video Poker Pay Tables

With a game like Video Poker, casinos can’t change the odds of the game because the odds are determined by the use of the 52 card deck (53 cards in Joker Poker variations). So how does a casino make sure that they don’t lose money on the video poker floor? Well, the answer is in the pay tables. The odds provide above are for video poker games that offer the pay tables most in favor of the players. At land-based casinos, only a few of these high return pay table machines may be available and the majority of the space may be filled with machines offering lower payouts.

Video poker players are educated players when it comes to their games. Watch them hit the casino floor and you’ll see that they quickly locate the best games with the best pay tables and leave the leftovers for the less knowledgeable players. But online casino players have an advantage when it comes to video poker. Since the real estate is virtual and players can easily change the online casino that they’re playing at with the click of a button, there is no reason for online casinos to offer traditional video poker games with anything less than the best pay tables. So, while it is good to know what the best pay tables are for games you might enjoy playing, playing at an online casino does take some of that worry away.

Except for the “special” games. While an online casino isn’t going to do itself any good offering an 8/5 Jacks or Better game instead of a 9/6 game, they know they can lure some players in with special themes or intriguing bonus rounds. These “Coliseum Poker” and “Level Up” video poker games offer interesting themes and intriguing bonus rounds in exchange for a lower pay table. They are riskier than the traditional games, but they can be fun to play. Just set a strong limit on how much you can lose before sitting down to play one.

Now, there is one critical point about video poker pay tables that players shouldn’t forget. The odds discussed all depend on betting the maximum (5 coins). Never play a video poker game for less than the maximum coins because if you do so and hit a Royal Flush, you haven’t qualified to win the actual jackpot. So, when looking at video poker games, you want to play the highest denomination where you can place the maximum bet. So, if you want to bet a quarter a spin, you don’t play the quarter machine, you play the nickel machine for five nickels. The quarter machine you’d want to play for 5 quarters or just over a dollar a spin. And the dollar machine you play for $5 a spin. If you can’t play the five coins a spin, move down a denomination.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

The core to the video poker game is the video poker strategy. Now each game variation requires a separate strategy. For example, in Jacks or Better, you want to hold on to the cards that are Jacks or higher but in Deuces Wild, you want to hold onto the 2s. But the basic strategy foundation in Video Poker is generally learned by playing and studying Jacks or Better strategy.

In Jacks or Better, you are dealt five cards with the lowest winning hand being a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces. The jackpot hand is a Royal Flush. You have two goals here — to try to keep or hit a winning hand while at the same time, trying to hit a Royal Flush. So the strategy involves looking at the hand and deciding what the highest winning hand could be and keeping those cards. If you draw a Royal Flush, of course you keep it. But here’s the trick. If you draw four cards to a Royal Flush, you keep those 4 cards even if it means throwing away a winning card. For example, if you draw 10, J, J, K, A with all the cards except one Jack being of the same suit, you keep the suited cards and dump the jack that’s off suit.

To break the strategy down further, you want to keep a winning hand. You want to keep 3 or 4 cards to a Royal Flush. But when it comes to non-winning hands, you’ll keep in order from best to worst 3 to a royal flush, 4 to a flush, a low pair, 4 to an outside straight, 2 suited high cards (think of them as 2 to a Royal Flush), 3 to a straight flush, 2 unsuited high cards, a 10 suited with a high card (potential Royal Flush), and a single high card. Now here’s the tricky strategy part, if you don’t have any of those combinations, you discard all five cards and draw new. If the cards aren’t leading you toward a win, just get new cards.

I hope this page has provided you with enough information to start playing video poker. Keep in mind that at most online casinos you can start playing in practice play mode and switch to real money games when you feel confident in your playing strategy. So, start enjoying the fun of playing video poker online today.