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Online Slots for Real Money

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Free Slots

The free slot games provided by make it easy for you to play slots without the risk of losing money.

If you’re into playing real money online slots then look for casinos that are powered by Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, Scientific Games and RTG software. WGS software (the old Vegas Technology games).

Microgaming online casinos offer their players the best online slot game odds for UK, Canadian and Australian players.

Realtime Gaming software, also known as RTG, provides some of the best online slots for us players.

MSN Zone Casino is another good website for playing free online casino slot machines.

About Slot Machines

Of all of the games you will find at a casino, none are more popular than slots. From the classic three-reeled “one-armed bandits” to the modern electronic video slots, the machines are not only the most popular with players, but are also the biggest money-makers for the casino. They are popular in brick and mortar casinos and online.

The early slot machines had three simple revolving mechanical reels. The reels had simple symbols on them, usually of fruit. Each reel had 10 symbols and the spinning of the reels determined the outcome.

Over time, to increase the jackpot, casinos started weighting some of the symbols so they would come up less often.

With the invention of electronic slots, the games became a lot more sophisticated. A computer program determines the outcome, there can be an unlimited number of reels (though five is the most common) and an unlimited number of winning combinations.

Thanks to the larger number of combinations, modern slots have larger jackpots. Progressive slots in particular offer big winnings if they are hit.

Online Slot Machines

Online slots allow a greater interactivity by using the video power of personal computers.

Popular online slots, especially those with famous brands, often use video animations or clips from actual movies to tell a story during the game. Some online slots even have a story that progresses as you play, with a narrative that you can save and return to at will.

Slots Rules

One appeal of slots is their simplicity. With blackjack and poker, you have to learn complex strategy in order to have success. Playing without strategy puts you at a disadvantage.

Games like craps and roulette don’t necessarily have strategy, but you have to know the different rules and the odds of each bet.

That is not necessary true for slots. Slot machines are popular because anyone can play it for the first time, not knowing what they’re doing, and potentially win money.

The rules for slots are very simple. At a brick and mortar casino, you insert a form of payment, using real money, a player card or credit card. You then select the denomination you want to bet and the number of paylines you want to play. You then press the spin button. If you win, the machine gives you money. With online slots, it’s basically the same, except you must make a deposit with the online casino first.

The denomination is one of the decisions you have to make when playing slots. In some cases, you don’t have a choice. For example, a slot might be a penny slot and you can only bet one cent at a time. In other cases, though, there is a rage. The slot might let you bet in denominations anywhere from a penny to $1. The larger your bet, the more money you win on successful spins, but it also means you are risking losing more money.

One you choose the denomination, the next option is the number of paylines to play. There is not always a choice. The original slot machines only had a single payline – a straight horizontal line across the middle of the reels. Some current slots still only have one payline.

Most of them, however, give you a choice and will let you choose how many paylines to play. You have to pay for each payline, so the amount of your denomination multiplied by the number of paylines will be the actual amount of your bet. That means that, once again, the more paylines you play, the more money you will win on lucky spins. On the flip side, it means that losing spins will cost you more money.

Slot Machine Tips and Strategies

There are no magical systems that will give you the edge when playing online slots. The games have odds that favor the house and nothing you do will change that. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any control over your bankroll, though.

All slot machines, both online and in brick and mortar casinos, have a computer program called a random number generator (RNG). Those programs create hundreds of sequences of numbers every second, with each sequence determining the symbols on the reels and whether or not you hit a winning combination. The actual reels are simply for looks and nostalgia in modern slots.

Because the random number generator creates the outcome of the spin based on when you push the spin button, you cannot predict the outcome. All outcomes are independent of past and future outcomes. The odds are not affected by any perceived streaks. A slot is never hot or due to hit because of something that has happened.

There are, however, tight and loose slots. Tight slots payout less often than the average slot machine and loose slots payout more often. As a slot player, you want to do research to find the loose slots offered by a casino so you can play those.

Another tip is to determine how much you want to spend. Betting the minimum will make your money last longer and puts you at less risk, but the payoffs aren’t as big. In particular, you would hate to hit the jackpot when betting the minimum. By betting the maximum, you risk more money and the odds say you will lose money faster, but you can be rewarded with more money by winning. In particular, betting the maximum is a good strategy if you are playing progressive slots.