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Roulette is a popular casino game in which a wheel is spun and players win or lose based on in which pocket a ball lands. It is a game of chance, with each spin independent of the last and no real skill involved, though there is some strategy in deciding which bets to place. The pockets in roulette are numbered from 1 to 36. In European roulette, there is also a 0 pocket. In American roulette, there are also 0 and 00 pockets.

Roulette Rules

At the roulette table, players can place a bet any time until the croupier announces “no more bets.” The croupier will start the reel spinning and players can place a variety of bets. They can place a bet on a color, a single number, an inside bet or an outside bet. The bets have different odds and different payouts. The centrifugal force will eventually cause the dropped ball to land in one of the pockets and those who placed a bet including that pocket win.
Inside bets have the worst odds of occurring but the best payouts. Inside bets include a bet on a single number, a split (two adjoining numbers), a street (three numbers in a horizontal line, a corner (four numbers in a square), a six line (two adjoining streets) and more. Because inside bets are on a smaller number of options, they are less likely to occur. The payout if they do occur is therefore larger than on outside bets.

Outside bets are safer but don’t pay as well when they win. Those include betting on a color (red or black), betting on odd or even, a dozen bet (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36), a bet on 1 to 18, 19 to 36, a column bet (all 12 numbers on any vertical line) or a snake bet (a special kind of dozen bet).

Roulette Strategy & Tips

There is no strategy that can beat the game of roulette. There is no strategy that can lower the house edge. Roulette is a game of chance and there is no way for you to change the odds. However, one thing you can do is place bets with the best odds.

In brick and mortar casinos, the outcome of a roulette game is determined by the spinning of the wheel, which creates random winnings. At online casinos, the outcome is determined by a random number generator, which is a computer program that randomly creates outcomes of the spins. Though people often look for a biased wheel, modern roulette wheels at good and well-regulated casinos should not have any.

Which bets to place is where the real strategy lies. The payouts for each bet is proportionate to the likelihood of it occurring. In other words, the less likely something is to happen, the more it will pay when it does happen. With that in mind, roulette players need to decide if they want to place money on the less risky bets or on those that have the greatest reward.

Roulette Odds

The house edge on a single-zero roulette wheel, such as European roulette, is 2.7%. On a double-zero wheel, the house edge is 5.26%. That is for the game as a whole, though. Different bets have different odds of occurring and different payouts.

The safest bets are those that only pay 1 to 1, such as betting on red, 1 to 18, or even. Those bets have 1.111 to 1 odds against happening. Higher-paying but still pretty safe bets would be bets that pay 2 to 1. They have 2.167 to 1 odds of occurring. Those bets include betting on a dozen or a column. Riskier bets would be betting on a split. That has 19 to 1 odds against winning. On the bright side, if it wins, those bets pay 17 to 1. The riskiest and most rewarding bets pay 35 to 1. That includes any straight up bet and they have 37 to 1 odds against winning.

How to Win at Roulette

Fortunately it is easy to learn to play roulette. There are a number of strategies and systems you will find on the Internet telling you how to win at roulette. We will not tell you about them here, though, because they are scams. None of those systems work.

The only system that sometimes works is wheel tracking. Occasionally, a wheel can become biased. A biased wheel is one where a certain number wins more often than it should. It is caused by the wheel being improperly balanced. To look for that, you simply write down all of the winning numbers and look for one that is coming up more often than it should. However, any big and well-regulated casino, such as those on the Las Vegas Strip, will have their wheels constantly tested to protect against that, so finding a biased wheel is extremely rare. Your best chance of finding a biased wheel is at a small casino business that is not tightly regulated. Wheel tracking does not work online, because the random number generator eliminates any patterns.