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Online Casino Co is developing the ultimate online poker guide. Here we'll be writing our reviews of the top online poker sites where you can play poker games and win real money. Play Texas holdem poker, No Limit, Mississippi Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo and a variety of poker games at the net's most respected poker rooms. has recently launched our site and its still under construction so please visit us again in one month to find our updated list of the best online poker websites.

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Play any of the free casino poker games shown above or play online poker for real money, you’ve got plenty of options when playing poker on the Internet. Casino poker is one of the biggest forms of online gambling in 2019 and there are plenty of poker sites ready to accept real cash wagers.

Table Poker Games

Some of the most popular games at the casino are the poker based table games.  Part of the popularity of these games is that since they are played based on the well known poker hands, they are easy for players to learn and pick up on. And the table games are easy to learn and excel at than the player against player poker games. But first let’s take a look at the differences.

Traditional poker, the type most people think of when they think of a group of men sitting around a table trying to bluff each other, is a player against player game.  Players are dealt their cards and bet against each other in an attempt to win the pot. Because players are betting against each other, they can attempt to bluff each other and win the pot even if they don’t have the best hand.  In an online casino, the poker based games are played against the house. The outcome is determined by the cards held and there is no bluffing involved.  For this reason, online casino poker games move faster than player-against-player poker games.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games available.

Caribbean Stud Poker

One of the stories is that Caribbean Stud Poker was developed on a cruise ship to give players a poker option that was easy to learn and quick to play. But the truth is that the game didn’t take off until the progressive jackpot was added.  The game is easy to learn. Players sit down at the table and decide what to ante. The ante is half the amount that will be bet if the player decides to play the hand dealt. Five cards are dealt and the player either folds or raises. Then the dealer’s cards are revealed. The higher hand wins, but the trick is that the dealer has to have a qualifying hand in order for the player to win the bet.

Which is where the progressive jackpot comes in.  If a player wants to place a bet on the progressive jackpot, they place a dollar on the progressive bet. If they hit a winning hand, they win the payout amount determined by the casino’s pay chart.  And if the player hits a Royal Flush, they win the entire progressive jackpot amount.  A suitable reason to play Caribbean Stud Poker.

Casino Hold’em

This variation of the popular Texas Hold’em game is played against the casino. The player places a bet and is dealt two cards. In this version of Hold’em three community cards are dealt face up. The player decides whether to fold or call. The final two community cards are revealed and the dealer’s cards turned over. The higher hand wins, but as with many table games, the dealer has to qualify for the player to win the full bet.  If you enjoy playing or even watching Texas Hold’em games, this is a game you want to check out.

Let it Ride

Another popular poker variation tempts the player to choose to continue or raise.  Here the game isn’t played against a dealer but simply played to win with the best hand possible. The player places a bet and is dealt five cards, three revealed and two face down. The player then chooses whether or not to raise their bet. If the player raises, one of the face down cards is revealed. They then choose to raise or continue again and the final card revealed.  The trick to this game is that raising your bet can mean a much bigger pay off when the final card is revealed. The game will also often include a progressive jackpot.

Tri-card Poker

This is a poker game played with three cards instead of five. The player places an ante bet and is dealt three cards. The dealer is dealt three cards face down. The player then has to choose whether or not they believe that they can beat the dealer. Then the dealer’s hand is revealed. The higher ranking hand wins, but the dealer must score a Queen high to qualify.  The player can also place a Pair Plus raise which is not played against the dealer but paid out based on whether the player draws a pair or higher.

Pai Gow

This poker variation is based on an ancient Chinese game and is played using a 53 card deck, including the joker. Here the players at the table work to arrange a hand of seven cards into the best possible arrangement of a 5 card high hand and 2 card low hand. The 5 card hand must be higher in rank than the 2 card hand and both the players hands must be higher than the dealer’s for the player to win. If the player wins one hand and the dealer the other, the game is a “push” and bets returned. This is a table game variation on poker that allows players to use strategy to potentially arrange the best hands and beat the dealer.

Progressive Jackpots

A popular draw to many of the online casino poker variations is the progressive jackpot. While the poker games are fun to play, many depend on the promise of the progressive jackpot to draw players in. To bet the progressive, players place an additional bet which pays out based on the casino’s pay table. The Royal Flush is usually the biggest winning jackpot hand. There are many debates on whether or not to play the progressive jackpot. The odds aren’t generally with the player, but the question to ask is — how will you feel of you hit the Royal Flush and didn’t place a progressive bet.

Online Poker Rooms

Check out GambleRock online poker forums for the latest Texas hold'em news and WSOP tournament discussions. The GambleRock online casino community is the gambling industry's first social network. It connects gamblers with online gambling operators through an easy to navigate social media site. Includes free features such as Member profiles, brand pages, WordPress blogs and member forum discussions.

The games described above can be played at almost all online casinos. But some of you reading this might be wonder about “real” poker, the player-against-player games.  Those games are played at online poker rooms. Poker rooms run on special software that allows the players to pit their skills against one another. Stakes at these rooms run from micro-stakes, starting in the pennies to “nose-bleeds” where players play for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  An online poker room doesn’t make money based on the player’s winning or losing hand, but on the “rake” or a percentage of the pot.