Online Blackjack for Real Money

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The most popular table game, blackjack is a staple of any casino. Both in brick and mortar casinos and online, blackjack tables are always busy. Blackjack is popular for its low house edge, fast pace and its strategy. Instead of being a game of random chance, players can affect the outcome by employing the right strategy. This is one of the main reasons why online blackjack for money legal betting has become so popular in the UK. It is expected that we’ll see wide spread legal blackjack online coming in the USA and Canada as they are all likely to follow in the already successful footsteps of their mother country, the good old United kingdom.

Blackjack Rules

The rules for the basic game of blackjack are simple. To play blackjack, the dealer gives each player two cards and the deals two to himself, with one face down (called the “hole card”) and one face up. Players then choose what to do with their own hand before seeing the dealer’s hole card. Each player plays out their own hand before the dealer draws any more cards.

The object of the game of blackjack is to draw a hand with a higher total than the dealer without going over 21. If anyone, including the dealer, goes over 21, it is a “bust” and that person loses. If the dealer busts, all players win unless they also bust.

When playing blackjack, the most basic move a player can make is to either hit or stand. If you hit, the dealer gives you another card. That card increases the value of your hand, but in some cases it also gives you a chance to bust. If you stand, you generally do so because the probability of busting is too high or because you think the dealer will bust. You also have the option of splitting if you are given two of the same card, doubling down if you are confident that you will win by taking one more card, and surrendering half of your bet if you think the odds are too good of losing the entire bet. Both splitting and doubling require you to double your bet.

Unlike the players, the dealer does not have a choice when it comes to his turn. His moves are dictated by the table’s rules. The dealer will always hit until they get to a 17, at which point they will stand. At some tables, the dealer will hit on a soft 17, while at others he will stand.

The rule that helps players the most is the payout for a natural blackjack. A natural blackjack is when you receive a hand of 21 in your first two cards, which would be an ace and a ten-value card. In that case, you would receive a payout of 3:2.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

One of the great things about the game of blackjack is that using the right strategy, you stand a great chance of winning. Blackjack has the best odds in the casino. By utilizing blackjack basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to only 0.5%. That means that, in the long run, the casino would return all but 0.5% of the money you wager. In other words, for every $200 you wager on blackjack, on average the casino would keep $1.

Basic strategy is a strategy that takes into account the mathematical probabilities of each outcome. Some of the moves, such as hitting a hard 16 against a dealer 9, may not seem like a good idea, but statistics have shown that it is the wisest move in the long run.
Using basic strategy, which is commonly found in a handy chart, you can tell what decision to make in each instance. The strategy takes into account what hand you have, what card the dealer is showing, what hand the dealer is likely to have, and what is likely to happen upon drawing another card. Some players supplement the strategy by counting cards. By engaging in card counting, they can tell when the deck is rich in tens and then bet accordingly.

Blackjack Variations

Within the traditional game of blackjack, there are a number of variations that you will see at the different tables. A table where the dealer stands on a soft 17 has better odds for the player than one that has the dealer hit. Some blackjack tables place restrictions on doubling, such as only allowing it on certain hands. Some tables don’t allow doubling at all. There are also different rules about splitting. Some tables only allow you to split certain hands and some don’t allow you to double after splitting.

There are also a number of blackjack variants caused by side bets offered in the game. For example, in perfect pairs blackjack you get an extra payout if your first two cards is a pair. The payouts are different for a perfect pair, colored pair or mixed pair. Other popular variations include side bets like lucky ladies, where you get a payout if your initial hand totals 20, and royal match, if your initial hand is a king and queen.